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The RVC mission is to provide customers the highest quality indoor cannabis. Our diverse collection includes 8 exclusive strains, from our own seed bank, dating back to the early 70s 80s & 90s... We focus on the look, smell and taste of our Cannabis!


Our Strain


~*~ Grapefruit ~*~ An energetic pure Sativa with fresh citrus notes on top of a classic sweet haze, great daytime cannabis to increase alertness and creativity

~*~ Cannabis Americana ~*~ A mind dominant Sativa with a slightly sweet and sour smell, delivers a steady and long lasting cerebral buzz offering relief for anxiety and depression


~*~ Dank Ape ~*~ This full featured Indica strain has an earthy dank aroma, crystal buds with dark purple hues, offers a relaxing and sedating full body “couch locked” effect

~*~ Frost Berry ~*~ A sweet fruity smell with sugar crystal buds, leaves an all around calming effect offering stress relief and whole body relaxation

~*~ Funky Skunk ~*~ A complex Indica with a funky fruity sweet eucalyptus flavor, leaving you euphoric, relaxed and energetic

~*~ Pine Tar ~*~ A hard hitting Indica strain with an intense earthy pine flavor, complete with a complex mind and body high that’s perfect for insomnia


~*~ Rainier High ~*~ This Indica dominant Hybrid boasts both a sweet and pungent aroma offering a mild body and mind relaxation

~*~ Purple Snow ~*~ An Indica dominant Hybrid with the softest floral notes and beautiful magenta and purple hues to the buds, sparking creativity and mindfulness

Our Promise to You

 Indoor Grown, Pesticide Free, All Natural 

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